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Mayor Keller
Mayor Toni Keller
Started her second term as Mayor of South Vienna in January of 2004. She was first elected Mayor in November of 1999. Before she became Mayor, Toni had been a member of the Village Council since 1986. At the time of election she was the Council President. Mayor Keller is a current and original member of the Corn Festival Committee. She is also a member of the League of Women Voters, the Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee, the Springfield Health District and the United Church of South Vienna.Mayor Keller has an open door policy to all of the residents of South Vienna and she welcomes the opinions of the residents.

Contact Mayor Keller at 937-605-3608
E-mail her by clicking here. 

Village Board of Public Affairs

Water Quality Report - 2013

Water Quality Report - 2014


Board of Public Affairs

Board President Joel Heunen

Walt Newman

Jackie Miller 

Meetings are held at the Municipal Building on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm.
Council of South Vienna


Roger Davis, Council President

Finance Committee Chair and Street Committee


Warren Smith


Warren Smith

Street Committee and Finance Committee

Donna Smith

Donna Smith

Park Committee 

Building Committee Chair


John Schmid


John Schmid

Street Committee

Park Committee Chair

Finance Committee

Rhonda Sagraves

Rhonda Sagraves

Park Committee and Building Committee





John Blanton

Street Committee Chair and Building Committee